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My love for skateboarding and skateboard art started at Bill’s Wheels in the early 80’s. I would hang out daily studying the wall of board graphics, and racks of t-shirts. Bill eventually decided if I was there ever day he might as well put me to work. I began selling boards, and Santa Cruz stood out because of the Jim Phillips art. I was good at drawing, so I began designing Bill’s Wheels t-shirts. When N.H.S approached Bill to start mail order, I took my other interest computers, and figured out how to layout catalogs. After years of retail I left to work for Sessions as a graphic designer. I quickly moved up to Senior Designer and was in charge of all the print ads, as well as designing t-shirts, catalogs, and other marketing materials. I also photographed the entire snow line and prepared the images for the website. After Sessions I started freelancing websites until I returned to Bill’s Wheels. I ran Bill’s social media accounts as well as designed t-shirts, board graphics, marketing materials, and in store signage. Currently I freelance graphic design for Bill’s Wheels, and other action sport brands.

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